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School Transport Guidelines

  • It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that their children reach the pickup point well in time, so that the transport is not be delayed. In case of any problem regarding buses, the Transport Incharge may be contacted.
  • Parents have to make sure that they pick up their children at the notified time from the specified bus stop, failing which, the child will be taken back to the school office, from where the parents will be responsible for collecting their child. Only parents can pick up their child from to school. Any other person detailed to do so has to be properly authorized by the parents.
  • Changes in bus routesto suit a particular student will not be entertained during the session. The decision of school transport department is final and binding on all.
  • Buses may reach the bus stop 10 minutes earlier or 10 min minutes later than the given time.
    School buses are arranged with the utmost care, but the school takes no responsibility for any mishap during transit.